Winners on Washington

Winners on Washington

A Downtown Two Rivers Photo Scavenger Hunt August 1st-31st


*Follow the Clues

*Snap a Photo with you in it

* Upload to Facebook or Instagram with #winnersonwashington @winnersonwashington

* Tag Your Group

*Be entered for a chance to win cash prizes


Photo Scavenger Hunt

Download printable clues.

Clue 1

Meadow likes to watch a wide array of birds.

She feeds them with a feeder.

Could there be anything sweeter?

Hint: You’ll go nuts when you find this nature store.


Clue 2

Stanley enjoys fun printed tees.

The logo is something found on the great seas.

If you want to find me, come here, please!

Hint: This Building is blue.


Clue 3

It’s sleek, it flies, it’s in the skies.

It won’t be hard to identify.

The brightly colored objects in this window side.

Hint: You are not looking for a UFO or are you?


Clue 4

Addison wants to dine out.

At this cozy location on the Washington route.

Her cravings will be satisfied.

As she shops for crafty things inside.

Hint Looking for something handmade and neat, find it here while you have a treat.

Clue 5

For your kids’ creative mind.

In this store you will find.

Toys and games on the floor.

So much fun in just one store!

Hint: This business has a fruit in it’s name


Clue 6

Go to find a print.

An art location is your hint.

Look for this one-of-a-kind artist space.

Whose logo includes a fishy face.

Hint: Look for a store front spelled like a common herb that starts with B.

Clue 7

Keeping your money close to your vest?

Or stuffed in your mattress?

Why not invest!

Hint: This storefront displays a popular man‘s name.

Clue 8

Sal needs something fine.

A gem to last for all of time.

For a special occasion try a ring.

Or something else with some bling.

Hint: Three lights on top will make this storefront pop.

Clue 9

Everyone likes to save a dime.

A great place to look for that special find.

You will be sure to find something unique.

Maybe even score an antique!

Hint: This uplifting store has purpose and more.  

Clue 10

Cookies, cakes, for goodness sake.

Come here for your yummy bakes.

Known for a dessert with a hole in the middle,

Will help you solve this yummy riddle.

Hint: These blue and white stripes will catch your eye walking by.


Rules on how to play:

Follow the clues to find businesses on Washington St in Two Rivers, WI displaying a Krall Half Marathon medal in their front window.

Snap a photo of yourself in front of the store front (No need for the medal to be in the picture to enter) The more creative your photo is the better!

Upload your photo to social media using the hashtag #winnersonwashington @winnersonwashington

( E-mail entries can be sent to

Tag or list everyone in your group photo for multiple entries. Each person listed on your photo entry will receive one entry per person per photo. Solve up to 10 clues for 10 chances to enter.  

Be entered for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card – 3 -$50 Gift Cards will be awarded to our top 3 winners drawn at random on September 1st. Winners will be contacted via Facebook messenger, Instagram, or e-mail based on how your photo entry was submitted.